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Advising in the Environmental Studies Program is a team effort, and students are a huge part of that team. Students need to take an active role in ensuring requirements are met within the program, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and University. Students also need to be active in selecting the courses that satisfy their major and that develop a coherent set of skills. Following these steps will help ensure you meet requirements and develop a coherent set of skills before you graduate:

  1. Schedule an appointment with our program advising specialist as soon as you get on campus. Work with the advising specialist to develop a plan to graduate in four years, meeting all the requirements for graduation.
  2. Visit the pathways within the major. These are thematic areas within Environmental Studies that reflect particular foci of the teaching and research of our faculty. Use these to help identify an area within our program to focus your studies. Any of the 300-level courses and above in the pathway will count toward your required electives for our BA, BS, and BGS degrees. Visit faculty websites to find a faculty member to learn more about the pathway, choose your classes, and learn about research and career opportunities. Find out the faculty member’s office hours and make an appointment with them.
  3. Repeat the above steps as needed during your time at KU, and check our program website for updates on ways to stay engaged with all that’s going on in Environmental Studies:  orientation sessions, campus and community events, student and community organizations, internships, scholarships, research, career fairs.
  4. In order to graduate, you must schedule another appointment with our program advising specialist to ensure the Director has officially approved the courses you have chosen for your electives, and that you have filed all other required documents for graduation.

Where to go for undergraduate advising:

George Timson, Environmental Studies Academic Advisor

To set up an appointment with our advisor, please call 785-864-0974.  Appointments will meet in 4069 Malott Hall.

List of advisors associated with the Environmental Studies Program

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