Student Groups

Two students planting a tree on campus

Highlighted Student Groups

Environs | Environs is a long-standing student-led environmental advocacy group at KU. We work hard to promote sound environmental practices on campus, in Lawrence, and regionally. Each semester gives us no shortage of activities to work on. Our only requirement for joining is that you share our common interest in striving for a sustainable campus and world. It isn't all busy work, however. We have plenty of social activities, which can include: hiking, camping trips, and our always amaaazing potlucks.

ESSA As ambassadors, our goal is to facilitate communication between students and administration and to create opportunities for them to network with faculty and alumni, to help them achieve their full potential in the program by advising them from our own experiences, to seek out those who could potentially be a double major with environmental studies, and to meet with prospective students who are trying to find where they belong.

Students for a Sustainable Future | Our goal is to represent a comprehensive approach to sustainability activism by organizing ambitious, action-oriented, non-partisan campaigns that are at the intersection of social, environmental, and economic issues. Currently, we are working to eliminate undue corporate influence from academia. Our specific focus is the Koch brothers' funding (over $1.5 million) in the KU School of Business. 

KU Student Farm | The KU Student Farm is a student-run organization committed to offering the community opportunities to learn how to grow food and to connect others to area local food initiatives, gardens, and sustainable farms.

Center for Community Outreach | The Center for Community Outreach works to encourage active volunteerism in both our local and global communities. CCO engages students through meaningful opportunities to serve, respond to community needs, organize semi-annual days of service, develop volunteer management skills, and support community initiatives and non-profits through service opportunities.

Center for Sustainability | The Center for Sustainability promotes a culture of sustainability at the University of Kansas, empowering students, faculty, and staff to make decisions that help protect natural ecosystems, create economic prosperity and treat all people with equality and respect.

Delta Epsilon Iota | Delta Epsilon Iota is a student organization focused on professional development. It educates members on career development issues, encourage students to excel academically, and promote the principles of Dedication, Enthusiasm, and Initiative in all aspects of campus life.

Sustainable Agriculture at KU |  Sustainable Agriculture at KU is an organization devoted to the welfare and exploration of our food and the people that grow it and consume it. Through researching new platforms, education, outreach, and project initiatives, we empower others to make sustainable food choices. Our four pillars:  Experimentation, Empowerment, Outreach and Justice form the basis of our policy and action.  We envision this to be a space for all students regardless of their field of study, to contribute their curiosities and expertise in order to promote more sustainable food systems.  Our ultimate belief is that we should be working towards feeding others, not just ourselves.

Directory of Environmental Student Groups

All Scholarship Hall Council – The All Scholarship Hall Council is a representative organization of the twelve Scholarship Halls. Its members recognize the unique advantages of the Scholarship Hall system and hope to foster a spirit of cooperation in which common interests are developed, problems are resolved, and goals are realized.

Alternative Breaks – Alternative Breaks is a student-run organization operated by a group of 17 undergraduate KU students focused on making these experiences interesting and valuable to our fellow students. We are dedicated to giving students hands-on opportunities with service work where they can gain experience with some of the most pressing social issues facing our generation. As one of the biggest service learning initiatives at KU, we provide service trips for more than 500 students each year. We provide a class component for our week-long Winter, Spring and Summer programs. We also include educational components for our shorter Fall and Weekend Breaks.

Alternative Energy Society – The goal of the AES is to educate the community on the wide spectrum of energy options that are available to address our energy needs. Specifically, this translates to advocacy for a more intelligent and responsible use of energy.

American Institute of Architecture Students – AIAS-KU Chapter works to provide relations between students and the profession to further the architectural educational environment.

American Society of Civil Engineers – To provide engineering students with opportunities for leadership and community involvement.

American Society for Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning – To advance the arts and sciences of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigerating to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers – ASME promotes the art, science & practice of mechanical & multidisciplinary engineering and allied sciences around the globe.

Association of Water and the Environment (AWE) – The group provides professional development in water and wastewater engineering and science. The group advances the fundamental knowledge of the water environment, its basic qualities, and practices to monitor and protect water supplies.

Students United for Reproductive and Gender Equity – The Commission on the Status of Women is a student organization that encourages and works toward social and political equality throughout the gender spectrum, and seeks to be an inclusive space for marginalized groups and progressive thought.

Concerned, Active, and Aware Students – We are a volunteer organization devoted to helping students learn more about the issues in our community through volunteer work.

Cycling Club – The purpose of KU cycling is to provide its members with a means to meet with other students who enjoy the sport of cycling both competitive and non-competitive in nature.

Daily Bread – Daily Bread is the first Food Recovery Program at the University of Kansas that currently partners with the KU Dining Services and the Center for Community Outreach to donate the campus' surplus bread and produce before each break to the Salvation Army.

Ecohawks – Through the use of theory and practical implementation, a diverse group of engineering students strive to build an environmentally and socially conscious vehicle.

Ecumenical Christian Ministries – Ecumenical ministry with higher education with students, faculty, staff at KU and in Lawrence; sponsored by Presbyterian Church (USA), United Church of Christ, Church of the Brethren, Quaker, and Unitarian Universalist denominations.

KU Energy Club – The primary objective of the KU energy club is to promote the collaboration of academia, industry leaders, policy makers, and students with an interest and/or expertise in the energy field toward shaping a sustainable energy future for the state of Kansas.

Engineering Student Council – We the students of Bioengineering at the University of Kansas School of Engineering establish the Bioengineering Student Council (BioESC).

Engineers Without Borders – To partner with disadvantaged communities to improve their quality of life through implementation of environmentally sound and economically sustainable engineering projects, while developing internationally responsible students.

Environmental Law Society (ELS) – The KU Environmental Law Society was founded to gather KU Law students interested in environmentalism to learn about the practice of environmental law, and to network with practicing environmental law attorneys and other professionals in related fields.

Kansas Association of Planning Students (KAPS) – The Kansas Association of Planning Students is the student organization of the Graduate Program in the Urban Planning at the University of Kansas. KAPS organizes and sponsors social events, lectures, and planning-related volunteer opportunities in the Lawrence community.

First Nations Student Association – Dedicated to the success and involvement of Native Americans in the KU and Lawrence community.

Geography Club – To provide a forum for outreach activities & to provide tools & equipment for graduate teaching and research.

KU Habitat for Humanity – Provide affordable housing to the Lawrence community by raising funds for Lawrence Habitat for Humanity, building houses in the Lawrence area, educating the public about Habitat for Humanity's mission.

KU Energy Club – The primary objective of the KU energy club is to promote the collaboration of academia, industry leaders, policy makers, and students with an interest and/or expertise in the energy field toward shaping a sustainable energy future for the state of Kansas and our country. The club hopes to encourage positive discussion on solutions to our energy challenges between the key players within the energy industry through the use of forums, discussions, panels, and keynote speakers. The club is open to all KU students and alumni.

Native Faculty and Staff Council – The Native Faculty & Staff Council comprises KU faculty and staff interested in issues affecting Native Americans/American Indians at the University of Kansas. NFSC welcomes any KU faculty/staff interested in it's mission.

Peace Corps – To increase awareness of opportunities and activities connected with the Peace Corps.

Public Interest Law Society – Educate law students about public interest law and fundraising. A Public Interest Stipend is available to law students working pro bono for public interest/non-profit organizations. Fundraising for this stipend is through PILS events.

United Students Against Sweatshops KU – USAS KU focuses on human rights and economic justice, both on college campuses and globally, with a particular focus on racial justice, gender equality, and corporate accountability.

US Green Building Council – Affiliated to USGBC through the Center for Green Schools, our purpose is to educate members and the KU community about sustainable design and construction by working closely with members of the sustainable design community on competitions and projects.