Environmental Studies Departmental Honors

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Graduation with departmental honors is awarded in recognition of exceptional performance in the major, completion of a program of independent research or an alternative project, and a strong overall academic record.


Students interested in pursuing departmental honors must be an Environmental Studies major and meet the following requirements:

  • Complete at least 4 semesters of undergraduate study (at least 48 credit hours).
  • Major GPA must be at least 3.5 (EVRN core courses + electives)
  • Complete 3 credit hours of EVRN 624 - Independent Study
  • Complete 3 credit hours of EVRN 625 - Honors Research
  • Work done in the EVRN 624 and 625 courses should focus on a single, cohesive project under a single faculty advisor
  • Give an oral presentation of their research project at the Environmental Studies Colloquium, held each spring

Departmental Honors Intent Form

In order to receive credit for honors, students must submit a Departmental Honors Intent Form to Student Academic Services (109 Strong Hall). This form must be signed by the faculty member supervising the honors work. Forms should be submitted two semesters before graduating.

On the form, enter the major/degree code

  • EVRNA-BA for a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies
  • EVRNA-BGS for a Bachelor of General Studies in Environmental Studies
  • EVRNA-BS for a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies

To request a Departmental Honors Intent Form, please email lhwelcomecenter@ku.edu.

Independent Research Projects in Environmental Studies

Faculty in the Environmental Studies program have a variety of research interests. For more information about undergraduate research opportunities, visit the Research or Learning Pathways pages.

More Information

Honors candidates must complete 3 credit hours of independent study (EVRN 624) and 3 credit hours of honors research (EVRN 625). Honors candidates must earn a grade of B or higher in each of these courses. Candidates must complete an independent research or an alternative project, and give an oral presentation of this project to the departmental faculty at the Environmental Studies Colloquium. Upon satisfactory completion of the departmental honors requirements, the Environmental Studies Honors Coordinator will submit a Departmental Honors Certification Form to CLAS Student Academic Services (109 Strong Hall) on or before the deadline for final semester grades. Environmental Studies Minors are not eligible for Environmental Studies Honors.

For more information about departmental honors, please contact Environmental Studies Honors Coordinator, Shannon O'Lear, at olear@ku.edu.