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Mission: As ambassadors, our goal is to facilitate communication between students and administration and to create opportunities for them to network with faculty and alumni, to help them achieve their full potential in the program by advising them from our own experiences, to seek out those who could potentially be a double major with environmental studies, and to meet with prospective students who are trying to find where they belong.

Contact us about:

  • Questions about the program or pathways
  • Course specific questions
  • Study abroad experiences
  • Insight on double majoring
  • Any other questions that only a student can answer!


Also be on the lookout for our monthly Grub Club Events, where we invite alumni back to speak about their paths after graduation. This is a great opportunity to gain insight from someone who has been in your shoes and to get career ideas.

The Grub Club is normally held on Fridays at noon towards the end of the month.  Dates, times and places of the meeting do change so please go to our website and check the departmental calendar or check our Facebook and Twitter for the most up-to-date information.