Internship Scholarships

Two types of internship scholarships are available to Environmental Studies majors who have an unpaid internship:

  • The Internship Start Award is for students who are preparing to start an unpaid internship. A student interested in receiving this award should first contact the Internship Coordinator to determine their eligibility. The student will meet with their supervisor to discuss and agree upon expectations and learning objectives for the internship, then complete and submit the Internship Expectations and Goals questionnaire (which serves as the scholarship application). There is no set deadline for completing the application, but applications may not be accepted if they are submitted more than 1 month after the internship has started.
  • The Post-Internship Award is for students who have successfully completed an unpaid internship. Students enrolled in EVRN 490 who received an Internship Start award will receive a Post-Internship award if they earn a passing grade in the course. Other students should contact the Internship Coordinator early in their internship to determine eligibility and application requirements.

 A student may receive only two internship scholarships during their time at KU. (Typically, 1 Internship Start award and 1 Post-Internship award.)